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Missions and Visions

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Filtemc engages in the development, testing, production and marketing of EMC related products, providing EMI filters, filter connectors, etc.

Filtemc pays close attention to the development of new technology, and has made significant progress in telecommunication, charging post, photovaltaic energy regeneration and other emerging fields.

Filtemc always keeps close communication with customers and provides them with satisfied and customized solutions and products based on our expert knowledge. We consistently serve our customer to their utmost satisfaction.


Train more talented people in EMC field, serve broader industries and areas.

To be a more competitive enterprise in providing technology, products and services in EMC field.

Filtemc Add: Building 20, Xinmao Qilu Science and Technology City, No. 1 Zidong Road,Tianqiao District, Jinan City 250119, Shandong Province, China