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A Happy Tour to Haiyang to Celebrate the Company’s 12th AnniversaryUpdated:2015-08-10    Click:

In order to celebrate the company’s twelfth birthday, we organized a two days tour for all the employees to Haiyang, a beautiful coastal city located in Shandong Province, China, to enjoy the natural scenery and the unique sea view on Aug-08, 2015. 

We have visited the famous Yunding Mountain Natural Scenic Area in the morning of the first day and were deeply attracted by the flourishing bamboos and clean mountain springs. In the afternoon we played games on the beach or swam in the sea. On the second day we visited the Sand Sculpture Park, and did some shopping of sea food. 

We relaxed and enjoyed a happy time for the two days. What’s more, colleagues know each other more and better because we communicated more during the visit, for sure this will be beneficial for our future work cooperation. 


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