Inverter Series Reactors


Product Introduction

-- To restrict the capacitive charging current of the cable connecting inverter and motor

-- Deactivate the voltage rising rate of inverter output PWM wave

-- Compensate capacitor charging current in case of long cables

-- Reduce leakage current of motor grounding

Features and Benefits

Working Conditions:

-- Ambient temperature: -10℃~+45℃ no decreasing of the rated value, highest temp. +55℃;

if above 45℃, the rated current decreases 2% with the temperature increases 1℃.

-- Working place not higher than 2000 meters above the sea level.

-- Operation temperature: -25℃~+45℃, relative humidity ≤90%.

-- No harmful gas, no flammable or explosive articles.

-- With good ventilation, if installed in cabinet, please add ventilating equipment.

Product Standard:

-- IEC289: 1987 Reactor

-- GB10229-88 Reactor(eqvl EC289:1987)

-- JB9644-1999: Reactor for Semiconductor Electric Drive


-- To restrict the dv/dt to 500V/us.

-- To restrict the over voltage of motor terminals: 1000V to 400V( rms value),1150V to 460V( rms value).

-- Filter interference caused by the start of contactor between filter and motor .

Reminding and Warning:

Please read carefully all the safety warnings and instructions before installing reactors and putting them into use:

■ Study thoroughly the product instructions to have a full understanding of its performance, structure, dimensions, weight, installation method, etc.

■ Check carefully the part number and manufacturer of reactors before installation to see if they comply with the design drawings, installation is forbidden if there is any difference. Also it is crucial to check the working voltage and withstand voltage of reactors.

■ If there is no holes on the mounting bracket, punch holes first according to the installation dimensions; otherwise you can install directly. Tighten the screws to the ultmost. Reactors should be mounted steady and stable with inclination no more than 5°, and they must be earth connected after installation.  

■ Reactors shouldn’t be hanged, but fixed horizontally on a racket. Please take the electrical safety distance between the copper bar, winding of reactor and the chassis into consideration to make sure the installations are compliance with the related safety standards and beneficial for heat dissipation.

■ Connect reactors strictly according to the design drawings to avoid wrong wiring:

For low current versions with wire beezer terminals, normally the black wire is input and the white is output( reactors are equipped with black/white silica gel tubing sleeve). For copper bars, the upper is input and the bottom is output, and the faying surface should be well contacted. Screws to fix the wire must be tightened, and make sure the copper bars are not squeezed nor dragged for large current versions after installation.

■ For reactors without warning signs( Reactors supplied by FILTEMC have yellow high temperature warning label and electric shock warning label), please add the cautionary labels after installation to prevent accidents.

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