EMI Ferrite Cores

Title:EMI Ferrite Core

Product Introduction

Used to eliminate the high frequency interference along power or signal cables.

Ferrite core, ferrite bead or split ferrite core with clamp provide flexible choice.

Various dimensions to meet different requirement.

Features and Benefits

-- Excellent common and differential mode EMI suppression at broadband frequency range from 25MHz to 100MHz.

-- Effectively suppress the coupling or conducted high frequency interference, assure proper function of electronic equipment.

-- Ferrite beads are in ultra small profile, easy for installation, suitable for applying on PCB.

-- Ferrite cores vary greatly in dimensions to fit for different cable diameters, very simple application with cables directly through the hole.

-- Split ferrite core with clamp can be opened, different dimensions to meet the requirement of different cable size, very convenient and simple installation. Suitable for cables already fixed.


Suitable for all kinds of power cables and signal cables carrying high frequency interference 

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