• EMI filters provided by FILTEMC are designed according to CCITT international standard, 005ITT 15101-84, 08.03, 《Test Standards of Filter, Network and Delay Line》and UL1283《Electromagnetic Interference Filters》. EMI filters are passive low-pass filters composed of passive components (L, C, R) , and are based on the theory of impedance mismatch between filter and input end. With a filtering range between 10KHz and 30MHz, filters supplied by FILTEMC can effectively suppress the electromagnetic interference along power lines.
  • Considerable interference signals generated at the input and output end of equipment because of the special operating principle of frequency converters. Filtemc has developed two series products to solve the EMC problem of frequency converter according to its interference characteristics, listed as 【Input/Output Filters】, 【Input/Output Reactors】.
  • PCB micro-filter is specially designed for ultra-thin electronic device, with the properties of small dimension, wide range and high filtering effect, specially suitable for interference suppression of each branch of equipment internal circuit because of its size and function advantage.. We can provide flexible customized solutions of different dimensions and different filtering effect according to customers' requirement regarding their equipment inner space.
  • High frequency absorption components can effectively suppress the interference from 25MHz to 1GHz, combining with common EMI filter, interference at broad frequency range 10KHZ~30MHZ~1GHZ could be attenuated. This group of products can not only suppress the conducted interference of electronic equipment, but also the radiated interference. High frequency absorption components provided by FILTEMC include 【High Frequency EMI Suppression Ferrite Cores】, 【Three-terminal DC Filters】, PCB hole-through mounting or surface mounting optional, ultra-small dimensions, high performance and easy and fast installation.
  • EMI Filter
  • Pulse Group Suppression Filters
  • EMC Products for Frequency Converter
  • Micro-filters
  • High Frequency Absorption Components


Since its foundation in 2003, Filtemc specializes in products research and development in EMC field, capable of providing full lines of EMC solutions and products while focusing on customizing products to meet customers' specific requirement. The products and services we provide covering EMI filters, signal filters, passive harmonic filters, filter connectors, EMC components, etc. Our products are widely deployed in high-tech fields such as inverter and converter applications, photovoltaic systems, medical devices, automatic controlled machine tools, electric power supply, telecommunication, robots, etc. In order to provide superior service to our customers, we established Beijing R&D Center to provide customers with better technical support to solve their specific EMC problems from project planning to manufacturing of final products (solutions). Besides, we set up cooperation centers in Germany, Italy and South Korea in order to win further trust of and development in the international markets.


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